Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Source- Greek Technology

Since there always come two sources for each topic, I would not able to avoid comparision between two sources. This time, I am not really apprecitated with Wiki source. Although it succeeded to list the inventions and techonology developed during Ancient time of Greek Civilization and also state explanation about those things, the source is too limited to be used my study. The extent or degree that wiki is dealing with is too small or narrow in fact.

Compare to Wiki, the second source was able to give much broader information about Greek Technology, not only techonology itself but the background, scientists and its significance. However, the problem with the source in comparision to Wiki, the second source was not arranged very well, its contents are somehow confusing and not clear. In categorazing and grouping the topic, I would say Wiki was better than the second one.

Source- Two sources on Greek Arts, differnt categorization

From the two different sources about Greek Art, I was able to find intersting fact that the two, even though they were dealing with same topic, were totally different as far as way of cateogirzation was concerned.

The Source from Wikiepdia is actually well categorized source in my own opinion. Texts are categorized according to the different forms or kinds of art. (i.e. Pottery, Metal Vessels, Arcithecture etc.) It seems that the source focused on "ART" itself. I mean to say that the source is not really concerning about other aspect of Greek Civilization in relation to the Art. The source was able to give information about Greek Art but nothing more.

But unlike Wikipedia source, the second source was more comprehensive and useful for me. As a historian, my concern is not really Art itself, but its implication, and relationship with other aspect of Greek Civilization. In the Second source, the texts were arranged according to the timeline, development, different civiliation, and other aspect of Greek Civilization. For example one of the contents of the source was "Ancient Greek Colonization and Trade and their Influence on Greek Art". Actually this kind of source was exactly what I was looking for. My concern was not only to widen my knowledge about Greek Art but also to find out its implication in Greek Civilization.

So, as a historian, I would prefer the second source but I would also say that as long as ART is a subject and concerned, Wikipedia source will be quite useful too.

Source 1
Source 2

Monday, February 1, 2010

Source- Comparision of Two Sources on Greek Religion

Regarding sources for Greek Religion, I would like to compare two sources posted in our module. The first source posted is from Wikipedia, well known internet encyclopedia which has extensive data. In my opinion the source the Wikipedia regarding Greek Religion, could give me general and broad view with well organized contents. However, one thing I felt something wanting was that it could not deal with depth study on the topic, Greek Religion. Well, the source from Wikipedia is quite nice to obtain general knowledge for certain topic but for more deeper studies, it might lack something. So I would like to recommend the source from Wikipedia for Elementary to High school students and even for college students who want to have general knowledge about the topic.

For the second source from, I would say I am quite satisfied. Well, it offers us not only secondary sources but some primary sources which proffessionals and majoring students on the topic necessarily need. And the source deals with more deeper parts of the contents of the topic so the user may obtain not only general but also specific and deeper knowledge on it. Therefore, I would have to recommend the source for those who want to go for advanced study on Greek Religion.